• Summer Holidays @ Woodgate Beach

    First of all … how quickly has this year gone?? I can’t believe we are now planning for our Christmas party !!! Have you had a chance to take a holiday this year? Well we have discovered 10 good reasons you should make tracks to Woodgate Beach for a quick[…]

  • Winter School Holidays at Woodgate Beach

    Can you believe we are half way through the year and the June / July 2022 school holidays are about to start? These holidays are already very popular and Woodgate Beach Houses has limited availability. Lets look at five great things to do while holidaying in Winter here at Woodgate[…]

  • Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea 2022

    A Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea was held at the  Woodgate Beach Houses  May 2022. The event was organised in honour of a brave cancer survivor who is lucky to call the resort home. Additionally, over $2500 in donations has been raised, through the generosity of the owners, Management and[…]

  • Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea

    We are hosting on behalf of the Cancer Councils Biggest Morning Tea event to show our support of a brave young cancer survivor, one of our very own onsite owners, Hannah Willick.   Even though you aren’t here to attend we would like to invite you to make a donation,[…]

  • Easter markets

    Woodgate Easter Markets and Fair 2022

    This years Easter markets and fair are set to be huge. Woodgate Community Events proudly present the best markets in the region waiting to kick off on Easter Monday 2022. The tireless team of volunteers are bringing market stalls, side show alley, food stalls, live music a car exhibition and[…]

  • Holiday here this year

    Holiday here this year …. the gift that keeps giving

    Holiday here this year has been the gift that keeps giving for 2021. What started of as a hashtag has turned into a reality for many Aussies forced to holiday at home this year. Woodate Beach Houses is slowly wrapping up (get the Christmas pun ..) what has been a[…]

  • Whales whales whales

    Winter equals whales… and southern guests follow

    First sighting of whales here at Woodgate Beach on Thursday 3 June 2021. Whales aren’t all that unusual at Woodgate Beach you just have to be in the right place at the right time!  Over the years we have had a few visit with a very special birthing happen right[…]

  • Christmas at Woodgate Beach

    Christmas 2020: Christmas at Woodgate Beach Houses is gearingup to be a huge one.  After the devastating bush fires last year, this year has proven to be an interesting one wouldn’t you agree?  The resort is fully booked from the 21st December until the second week of January. If there[…]